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CL19005 Blue TF sofa set and recliner

CL19005 Blue TF sofa set and recliner

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CL19005 Blue TF sofa set and recliner, which presents a comfortable and stylish addition to any living space. Here’s a brief description and potential product description for it:

  • Cozy Elegance: The set includes a three-seater sofa and a loveseat, both with reclining sections, and a single recliner chair, all upholstered in a serene blue fabric.
  • Refined Details: White stitching and lever mechanisms for the reclining function add a touch of sophistication.
  • Room Harmony: Arranged on a beige rug against gray walls, the set complements the minimalistic decor, including a floor lamp and abstract wall art.

This CL19005 Blue TF sofa set and recliner is ideal for those seeking a blend of modern design and functional comfort. If you need more information or further assistance, feel free to ask!

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