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POMPEI GRAY bedroom set

POMPEI GRAY bedroom set

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The POMPEI GRAY bedroom set is a part of the Pompei Collection by Global Furniture USA. Here are some details about it:

The centerpiece of the set is the Pompei Gray King Bed. This bed features a wooden frame with a plank pattern and a rectangular headboard. The bed has a metallic gray finish, giving it a robust and modern look.
The bed is adorned with LED touch sensor switch on the headboard, which can create an inviting glow in the evening.
The set also includes two nightstands, a dresser, and a mirror. The matching case goods come with center under-mount metal glides, veneer-lined drawers, and single metal pull handles.
The entire set brings a modern yet robust atmosphere with the pronounced look of butcher block in a metallic gray finish.
The set makes a serious statement of sustainable living.
This bedroom set is perfect for those who enjoy understated style and impeccable ambiance. Please note that prices and availability may vary, so it’s best to check the retailer’s website for the most up-to-date information.

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